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Cumbria Chamber of Commerce Podcast

Welcome to the podcast for Cumbria Chamber of Commerce!

Feb 20, 2019

This is the Brexit podcast businesses have been waiting for.

Luke Donockley, a solicitor and Brexit expert with law firm Muckle LLP, explores what businesses can do to prepare for Brexit and what the ramifications are likely to be.

He covers how to go about a Brexit risk assessment, imports and exports, tariffs, obstacles for hauliers, excise duty and VAT, business travel in the EU, trademarks, IP and data protection.

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and Muckle are running a Brexit Breakfast Briefing at Carlisle Racecourse on Thursday February 28th, from 8am to 10am.

This is an opportunity to hear from the experts and put your Brexit-related questions. It’s a free event, to register click here.