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Cumbria Chamber of Commerce Podcast

Welcome to the podcast for Cumbria Chamber of Commerce!

Dec 4, 2017

There’s never been a better time for start-ups and SMEs to bid for public sector work.

Red tape has been slashed and thousands of firms just like yours are winning contracts worth £millions each and every month.
Even the most well-prepared SME may find it difficult to secure contracts from large organisations.
In this exclusive webinar from Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, Kevin Thistlethwaite, Director of A7 Advisory Services will share his 15 years of experience in successfully bidding for public sector contracts.
We also share with you what support is available from Cumbria Business Growth Hub.
During the 1-hour, information-packed presentation, Kevin will reveal:
• Why you should be interested in writing bids
• What the barriers are and how you can overcome them
• Why it's no a complex process WHEN you know what you're doing
• Top tips of winning work ... and much more
If you have any queries or questions, please email Eva at