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Cumbria Chamber of Commerce Podcast

Welcome to the podcast for Cumbria Chamber of Commerce!

Jan 25, 2018

Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and unmanageable stress affect one-in-six British workers.

Work-related mental ill health costs the UK economy between £33bn and £42bn a year through lost working days, staff turnover and lower productivity.

Yet mental health is still a taboo subject with employers and employees unsure of how to confront the issue.

In this podcast Caroline Robinson, of the mental health charity Mind, explains what employers can do to minimise the impact.

To download a copy of Taking Care of Business, Mind’s guide for employers to mentally healthy workplaces, click here.

To download Mind’s Guide to Wellness action plans for line managers or employees, click here.

For information about how Mind can work with individual businesses, contact your local branch: Carlisle Eden; Furness; South Lakeland; West Cumbria.